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How to attract users to your website – Bebo style

Getting people to visit your site is easy. Getting niche audiences to visit your site is even easier.

Ask Bebo. They’ve has teamed up with the BBC’s Radio 1 to screen a special episode of the social network’s online drama series ‘KateModern’. The episode will feature bands featured from Radio 1’s Live Lounge of Sunday.

This is a classic example of the value of giving your core audience targeted content. Host something worth visiting – really worth visiting – and they’ll visit you. Seriously – ask E4 and its ongoing huge MySpace Skins campaign which features exclusive video content before TV broadcast. Not got a TV production crew to hand? Fear not, why not try allowing users exlcusive access to a party / rave via your MySpace profile, as per E4’s own Skins’ party invite on its MySpace profile.

Fruit Pastels TV ad

We *still* seem to be getting some serious traffic from people looking for the Killa Kela Fruit Pastels TV ad.

Leave a comment on this post and we’ll send all contributions to the agency concerned (in the 000’s so far based on visits).


Lenny Henry – web evangelist and saviour of youth TV?

Lenny Henry has always occupied an odd space in the entertainment industry. Not unlikeable but not altogether a-must-watch comedian either.

So when LennyHenry.tv came along, his new late night ‘comedy’ vehicle on the BBC, we didn’t expect to be blown away. Oh no, we thought. Oh no – someone’s finally decided to do ‘You’ve Been Framed’ using web clips.

But wait – this was before we read an interview with Lenny in the Guadian newspaper.

Lenny, we’re told, despairs at how the TV industry has lost touch with younger generations. He despairs at how his 16-year-old daughter and her friends spend all day on the web and their mobiles, and wonders why they don’t want to go into television.

So is LennyHentry.tv part of a personal attempt to reach out to increasingly disperate audiences? Is Lenny really a thought leader in appealing to the new web literate? Should we applaud him for attempting to take head on this shift in younth audience tastes?

Sure it’s on late at night, no doubt because BBC focus groups said that prime audiences for this show was a 30-something, male geek who stays up late watching crap TV (in other words, us). But is it more than Tarrant on TV? Is this just Used-to-be-funny on YouTube? Will we see more TV/web crossover? Despite what happened to MTVFlux and Trouble’s Home Grown?
Either way, we welcome Lenny’s call to better engage with this increasingly hard to reach audience (well, hard to reach in that you need to offer them something truly exclusive – like a preview of the new E4’s Skins series on a branded MySpace channel).
Broadcasters need to work harder in appealing to these audiences – it’s not all about urban music and Hollyoaks.

How will Murdoch exploit digital marketing?

Interesting piece from iMedia Connection today, mainly for the commentary on Murdoch’s purchase of MySpace and how he intends to queeze revenues out of it.

Interesting to read about the focus on online ads, but what about its plans for non-ad revenues?

The BBC’s The Verdict


I don’t normally go for reality TV shows (if this really is reality TV), but The Verdict appears to have really caught the imagination of a few people I know. Despite the celeb jury team factor, watching the process of the justice system is undeniably fascinating.

Particularly interesting is watching Michael Portillo repeatedly distance himself from anything Jeffrey Archer says and see Stan Collymore get annoyed with everyone’s ’emotional’ judgements because he may be swayed.
Is this whole exercise part of a plan to push for televised court cases in the UK?

Read more about BBC Verdict.