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contentcontent is now on Twitter (when it works)

Apologies for the lack of pithy posts of late.

I’ve been way too busy of late and have decided to share my random pearls of content wisdom with a bunch of Twitter followers.

So there you have it – relationships with websites are just like making friends at school: you move from popular kid to popular kids until you find someone you really like. That said, who knows if I’ll stick with Twitter for the long term? I’m fickle, I know.

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SXSW – When ‘crowds go bad’ and change panelist debate

The big debate about SXSW (not that we were lucky enough to go) seems to be about how audiences in panel sessions were empowered to change the course of panelist debate via Twitter. As I commented on Jeremiah’s Web Strategist blog, it sounded like a flashmob in realtime. And an ambush.

Because Flashmobs only ever seem to happen at Liverpool Street train station, no one has any clue what I’m talking about…

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Guardian’s guide to social networking

A nice round up of social networking for the folks by the Guardian.

Wonder which of these will still be around in a year’s time when we’ll supposedly be well into a dip in the economy? All of the above I hope, but what’s stopping MySpace from making more of a Twitter like ‘what I’m doing now’ service?