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NatMags Cosmo site relaunch – decides against VideoJug

Mark Sweney of MediaGuardian reports that Cosmo is to soft launch a new website with all the web 2.0 bells and whistles you’d expect from a leading magazine publisher.

Interesting comment by Duncan Edwards, CEO of NatMags, who said they’d looked at third party content like VideoJug but decided to build its own capability in this area.

Why not use VideoJug? The cost? Because it’s easier / cheaper to replicate in-house?

That said, video it’s easy enough to produce. Set up a small video team to manage and teach video production, roll it across other content rich websites and you’re in business. Hell, they may even be selling it to third parties themselves soon enough…

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Read the MediaGuardian story in full

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VideoJug works with MySpace

We love VideoJug. It’s a perfect example of how the web can provide genuine value for users.

This morning’s City A.M. reports that VideoJug’s now teamed up with MySpaceTV for a ‘content deal’. That said we can’t find anything about a formal deal, financial terms or revenue share – nor whether any subsequent revenue is passed on to the makers of the videos.

Fair play to VideoJug for continuing to provide balanced advice after the partnership with MySpaceTV – watch VideoJug tips on how to improve your Facebook profile.

If you’re not familiar with VideoJug, they’re a bit like AOL UK’s ‘Show Me’ advice videos.

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