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How to drive traffic to your blog in four easy steps

Getting people to visit your blog or website isn’t rocket science.

  1. Create your blog/forum/website.
  2. Write lots and lots of award winning blog posts.
  3. Visit similar, market leading blogs and forums and contribute lots, adding your original site’s URL/email address.
  4. Watch as people react to your comments and follow the link to your website.

There. The ‘award winning’ bit might be a bit difficult, granted, but do at least make your posts engaging (yes, we hate that word too, but it’s better than ‘good’) and worthy of a click.

Actually, screw all that. Read this blog post by Seth Godin.

Risky viral – Halo 3 campaign

Believe it or not, this is a screenshot from an integral part of the £multi-million launch campaign for Halo 3 on Xbox360: a viral marketing campaign.
There are even street teams in New York posing as UFO fanatics handing out ‘We are not alone’ leaflets, according to gamesindustry.biz.
My opinion? The Blair Witch viral campaign was unique because everyone believed the film was a low budget documentary gone wrong. Can the same techniques be used for big $bucks$ video games campaigns?
Read more about the viral campaign on gamesindustry.biz. Or take a look at the campaign website itself.