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Breaking news: Yahoo to move UK operations to Switzerland

Yahoo is planning to move its European headquarters from London to Geneva, Switzerland, today’s FT reveals.

Claimed to be called “Project Yodel”, the FT’s source mentions corporate tax reasons.

The FT reports that Yahoo said the move was “part of its ongoing international strategy to increase competitiveness and to deliver financial results, performance and efficiency”.

It’s not yet known how many of Yahoo 700 people in the UK will relocate.

Read the full FT story.

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Yahoo and a passion centre for women

A ‘passion centre’ in the hobbies and interests sense naturally.

It’s not known whether a Yahoo site targeting women would aggregate content or produce its own but with an editorial staff of 12, it’s most likely going to be the former. No name has been confirmed yet, but ‘Shine’ has been mentioned in Business Week.

Yahoo’s been exploring niche sites or ‘passion centres’ for a while but now it’s going to be big – after all, there are only so many microsites you can launch before things get a bit cluttered.

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New Yahoo Buzz social bookmarking – a bit like del.icio.us

In my opinion del.icio.us – and Digg for that matter – have a long way to go if they’re to be adopted by mainstream audiences.

Brand Republic says Yahoo Buzz consists of user voted best-of-the-web links, all of which will feature on its homepage.

We’re guessing this uses technology from Yahoo’s existing social bookmarking MyWeb and del.icio.us services, the latter of which it bought yages ago.

Giving partnering publishers the chance to get featured front of house, the service will provide Yahoo with syndication / revenue opportunities.

We assume Yahoo UK & Ireland’s Buzz page is going to look more like the US Yahoo Buzz and not like this old thing on Yahoo UK & Ireland.

Read more at Brand Republic

SEO – never be surprised by your customers’ search keywords and phrases

A contact at an agency just told me they’ve been invited to pitch. Woo-hoo etc. But what’s interesting is how they got in touch – the client searched for ‘award winning digital agency’.

Today’s takeaway moral? Never, ever, ever, ever underestimate your user or make assumptions. When developing copy for your website (or your client’s), explore EVERY possible keyword and phrase they’re likely to use or be reassured by.

Put simply, make sure your copy includes keywords which resonate with your user. It helps with your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO).

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Online activism and cinema sweets

A customer was allegedly asked to leave a cinema recently because he’d taken refereshments bought off-site into a screening (of Cloverfield if you’re interested).

He was then – again allegedly – approached by a security guard who asked him to empty his carrier bag.

After eventually deciding to leave the cinema (a good decision all round if you’re thinking of going to see Cloverfield), he then decided to take direct action and protest outside the cinema by handing out leaflets which compared the prices snacks bought outside the cinema with prices inside. This guy was – as you may have guessed – seriously annoyed.

We really, really hope this guy has a blog. Or a Facebook group. Imagine the following that this guy would get. HAAANG ON! Why doesn’t someone set one up for him?!

Read the full story as it appeared on Yahoo News.

UK Recession: a boost for price comparison websites?

Another day, another price comparison website goes up for sale.
Well, nearly. Credit checking firm Experian is said to be open to approaches as part of a review of PriceGrabber and its role in the business. It acquired Pricegrabber in 2005 for around £225m, before Experian was demerged from GUS plc, the owner of the also demerged Argos chain.
Forbes.com reports that a person close to the company said PriceGrabber is a strong division with growing profits and revenues and, therefore, Experian will either sell it at a good price or not at all.

The news comes at a time of increased activity in the price comparison market – not always for positive reasons. It looks like feast or famine for site owners, depending on when you got in and what sector you’re targeting.

The utilities comparison market, for example, is pretty much overcrowded. Daily Mail and General Trust revealed it was looking to close its SimplySwitch website in February 2008, 18 months after acquiring the business for £22 million. The Guardian put the move down to performance targets, after an unexpected fall in the energy price comparison market.

But it’s not all gloom and doom for financial and retail comparison sites. Last year Tesco joined forces with Royal Bank of Scotland to launch a joint venture called TescoCompare.com. FT.com reported that Yahoo was reviewing its Kelkoo comparison site in October 2007, three years after paying $575 million for it.

Expect more news from this sector soon wethinks.
PriceGrabber is in the news for another reason today – vnunet.com quotes PriceGrabber’s Consumer Behaviour Report and how the HD DVD ‘format war’ is holding back DVD sales while people wait for a winner. Is it true that Toshiba has finally given up the ghost? What fate now awaits the millions of Xbox 360 owners?

Yahoo to reject $44billion and someone pays $4million for Bored.com

Are we in another dotcom bubble? We ask this we’ve seen one company not immediately take up a $44billion takeover offer for a glorfied email and news service and another pay $4million for a domain name. Not a website, but a domain name.

This is feeling a little like the end of 1999. Incredible.

ITV.com digital strategy – by pda’s Mark Sweney

Interesting post by the MediaGuardian’s digital content blog – but we’re still no clearer on what’s going on with itv.com’s online gaming strategy.

Two months ago it was like, yes, the ITV Play TV channel has gone, but rest assured the lucrative brand will live on at itv.com with added value video, online gambling and so on. But looking at the site just today, there’s no reference to the ITV Play brand at all, with only the odd show (e.g. Glitterball) sitting in a section called ‘Games’ (which is a poorly worded title in our opinion – is this like Yahoo Games’ chess or is it online gambling? Someone show me a word I associatie with GAMING or GAMBLING before I scan over it and ignore it completely). Okay, we found the gaming section eventually, but it took an age to find it.

By the way – is it us or do the blog profile pics for Mark Sweney and Jemima Kiss look like they’ve been taken from a TopShop Autumn/Winter campaign?

There’s also some weird stuff going on with the blog’s style sheets – column text is being bumped down the page by large pics. And Jemima’s posts don’t appear to favour spacing between paragraphs.